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Skin Pigmentation

What is it?

Age spots, sun spots and freckles can be found in all areas of the body including face, arms, hands, back and chest and can be referred to as skin pigmentation or legions.

Special cells called melanocytes generate colour using melanin, which is what gives the skin colour, If these cells becomes damaged it can affect the amount of melanin production causing uneven skin tone and can add years to your face and hands.

Procedure Time: 20 mins depending on size of area.

Numbers of treatments: 1-3 sessions, 3 weeks apart.

Results: removal of pigment leaving you with clearer skin.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for complete healing

Why is it Best?

Benefits for You:

Sun spots and freckles reacts really well to laser treatment and can tackle and eradicate those skin pigmentation as the pigment lies in the top layer of the skin which is also known as the epidermis.

Our lasers will give you significant results after treatment leaving you with a clearer, even toned and younger looking skin.

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